Night Beach

Avery Row

Ronnie Brown - Vocals & Harmonicas

Paul Cornwall - Guitars, Tin Whistle & Harmonies

Ian Sidgwick - Piano, Keyboards, Guitar & Harmonies

Steve Grainger - Saxophone

All songs written by Ronnie Brown 

Copyright 2015 povertylane


Recorded and mixed by Ian Sidgwick at Big in Heaven Studio

Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road

Night Beach: Selina:- Having missed the last bus home from Redcar to Marske I walked along the promenade. It was a very cold winter night. At one point the clouds blocked a very bright white moon. I recalled an old black and white photograph of a Great Aunt Selina. She was wearing a long black gown with a choker. Selina was a common feminine name meaning moon. 

Avery Row:- A song about London's lost rivers. Avery Row is a street in Mayfair. Off New Bond Street and Brook Street the Tyburn River runs below the street, St Paul's and Buckingham Palace. The neighbourhood was home to Jimi Hendrix, Handel, William Blake and the tramp poet W.H. Davies. It also has a Paul Smith sales shop!

Track List

1    Woodbine Villa

2    Night Beach

3    Rusty and the Owl

4    Like, Kind-of, Slightly

5    The Big Combo: Make Mine Noir

6    Metamorphoses

7    Kinema

8    Avery Row

9    A Penny for Going