Ronnie Brown - Vocals & Harmonica

Paul Cornwall - Guitars & Harmonies

Ian Sidgwick - Piano, Keyboards & Harmonies


All songs written by Ronnie Brown except "The Sailor Deceived" traditional lyrics with music by Ronnie Brown

Copyright 2014 povertylane


Recorded and mixed by Ian Sidgwick at Big in Heaven Studio

Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road


Poverty Lane
Poverty Lane

Annie from Armley

The Sailor Deceived

Annie from Armley:-     Alistair Hulett's moving song

He Fades Away about asbestos-related cancer in Wittenoom inspired this song. I side-tracked to do some research about the asbestos factory in Armley, Leeds and came across the story of Annie Boothroyd. Annie died in 2007 of Mesothelioma. As a young lass she had played in the streets of Armley next to the J.W.Roberts asbestos factory. I wanted also to capture children's street games including skipping rhymes. This song is for Annie and her family.

The Sailor Deceived:-     An English traditional song that I discovered when I was working for the British Council in Oman. The three verses were without music. Over the years I tried to find the music without luck. I finally wrote the tune myself.

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Track List
   1    The Sailor Deceived (trad)
   2    Two on the Road
   3    The Open Hearth
   4    Annie from Armley
   5    The Gate
   6    Painting the Hours
   7    Dying Time
   8    The Water Maiden
   9    Mindings