The Tempest Prognosticator

The Tempest Prognosticator

The Grey In-Between

The Concrete Cathedral

Track List

1.     The Grey In-Between

2.     Same Old Folk

3.     Time is Now

4.     Just Like Heaven

5.     Girl with the Headscarf

6.     The Notes of a Tune

7.     Susan Glas

8.     Strange Thing

9.     Roads from Damascus

10.   At the Concrete Cathedral

11.   The Tempest Prognosticator

Ronnie Brown - Voice & Harmonicas

Paul Cornwall - Guitars, Tin Whistle, Voice & Shaky Egg

Ian Sidgwick - Piano, Organ, Keyboards & Voice

Barbara Helen - Voice

All songs written by Ronnie Brown except "Susan Glas": Lyrics by Emily Brown

Copyright 2016 povertylane

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ian Sidgwick at Big in Heaven Studio

The Grey In-Between:- I like grey areas. In between the things we separate as stark binaries like black and white, there is always grey areas. Black and white are in fact a continuous spectrum? The Grey In-Between is a simple song about breaking up. Or is it?

At The Concrete Cathedral:- The Guibal Fan House stands on Warsett Hill. It is a stunning spot, just before Skinningrove on the cliff walk from Saltburn. The concrete and brick building housed a fan that breathed air into the drift mine. Described as ugly by some, it has a sculptural and inner beauty all of it's own.