Rust, Chrome & Blue
Rust, Chrome & Blue
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Prescription for Love
For Suzanne
Track List
  1.  Prescription for Love
  2.  For Suzanne
  3.  Letters for Rachel
  4. Alice's Tears
  5. Track 5
  6. The Waiting Room
  7. Turn for the Worse
  8. Blowing Away with the Breeze
  9. Doggerland
  10. Quirky Flirty

Prescription for Love


The song was fun to write and fun to record.

Tongue in cheek it draws on 'punk' to tell the story of an unlikely couple. Ian provided the guitar.

Working with Linzi Hunter was a treat. Thanks. 

For Suzanne

Ever had a relationship that despite everything is doomed? This was it.

What can go wrong? Everything.... ! Fiction mixes with fact.

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Linzi Hunter